Sunday, January 16, 2011

Update on Life 1-16-11

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that I haven't ditched blogging again... I just don't have anything to blog about! We started another book in my young adult lit class so I had to put down Rampant to read that. :( I'm going to try to finish this school book tonight though.. hopefully. I also have studying to do... ugh... but theres only 4 days left of all my current classes 'til the new semester starts which means senior english and young adult lit will be over. Therefore no more school books taking away from my free-reading time! Yayayay!

More good news, I got my acceptance letter to the university I want to go to! Which I then used as an excuse to go see The Dilemna with Channing Tatum, my love.... hahahah, and eat Pancheros for dinner. Yummmmmy. On the topic of food, I have as of today lost around 15 lbs since I decided to become healthier person, which was back in like late November NOT January 1st, so don't freak out. hahahah that would be amazing though. It helps having an elliptical at your house. No excuses about not having time for the gym. ;) Anyway, I THINK that's all the news I have to tell you all. I just really wanted to blog about something, even though I don't have anything book related to say... other than I really need to go buy Across the Universe. Anyone interested in commenting this post telling me if they thought it was good or not? Hahahah I've been hearing from other blogs that it's pretty good.

Okay I really need a nap! Thanks for reading!

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