Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hey everyone! Anyone else stuck in this blizzard everyone is calling the Snowpacalypse? Well I for one am loving it. No school for not one but possibly two days = a happy teenager. I just wish I didn't have a cold. Recently, winter hasn't been all great though. I had to take my dad to the doc last weekend to get a sling for his arm. He slipped and fell on his shoulder getting out of the car. But this past weekend we went food tasting for my sister's wedding. They had this crab stuffed cod... MMMM! I love yummy seafood.
Monday night I went with a friend to go donate blood. I didn't get blood drawn I was just there to watch. Call me selfish but after seeing that, I will never give blood unless absolutely necessary. Alright, I'm gonna go play The Sims and read all day. BYE! I'll leave a video of one of my new favorite songs. I guess I think it's fitting because her name is Wynter... haha? Sorry if you think it's offensive, but it makes me wanna dance. :)

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